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1, 5, or Unlimited License Option

What works best for you and your company? You can install Giveaway Boost on 1, 5, or Unlimited Wordpress Sites! Just select the number of licenses on the Second Step to the right!

Grow Your Audience Like Crazy

Giveaways make it super easy to grow a list with viral marketing techniques! Users share your content for giveaway entries and you get more emails!

Fully Customize Your Giveaways

Change the themes and templates inside of Giveaway Boost to make your giveaways match your specific brand! No more generic pages - make it truly YOURS!

Literally Anything can be a Reward

Giveaway Boost works no matter what business you're in. Give away a free laptop, a spa treatment, or even an amazing vacation! It's all up to you.

Schedule Giveaways Quick & Easy

You can schedule giveaways in advance, meaning you just sit back and watch the magic work, whether you plan on running daily, weekly, or monthly campaigns!

Seriously Tested and Approved

We went through a lot - and I mean A LOT - of testing to ensure Giveaway Boost is as powerful and effective as it is pretty (and boy is it pretty!).
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